We had a great launch of the Manipulate exhibition at the New Art Exchange today, as nearly a 100 people turned up to support Mark, Kaye, Charlotte and David.  The exhibition runs until the end March so there will be plenty of tie to catch to show.

The following are statements written by the artists themselves ;

Charlotte Allchurch

Having been actively involved in various forms of creative expression from a fairly young age including Photography, Illustration, Ballet, Theatre, Piano, Creative Writing and Graphic Design, Charlotte paradoxically embarked on a formal education in Neuroscience at UCL, becoming a published academic researcher and graduating in 2008 with a view to train in Medicine. Deciding against this pedagogic trajectory Charlotte instead continued, amongst other things, to develop and improve her visual representational style in addition to employing a sensitive and scrupulous approach to the interpretation of her surroundings.

After being psychiatrically hospitalised for a considerable time from 2012, Charlotte, as well as toiling independently as a visual artist and arts’ assistant, was introduced to and established a partnership with The Photographers Hub and The University of Nottingham. Charlotte has since been involved in several exhibitions with the organisations including “Unhidden Focus” (Nottingham, 2012) “Illuminated” (Nottingham, 2013), “Hinged” (Nottingham, 2013) “Illuminations” (Liverpool, 2014) and the present-day New Art Exchange exhibition “The Manipulated Image” (Nottingham, 2014).

Currently, Charlotte among other interests persists with studies – working towards a Masters/Doctorate in Counselling and Psychotherapy in addition to continuing to advance and refine her photographic practice, purposely bettering her rendering efforts with the archetypal viewer in mind.

The creative outlet of photography is habitually regarded to be remedial and restorative. As with most accepted beliefs seldom is the notion challenged and recognition given to why and how such is the case. The deployment of this aforementioned psychological verdict, and more significantly, the underlying disconnect I believe both conceals and protects dormant and magnificent truths.

In this modified and deliberately manipulated series, the desolate, remote and undemonstrative visuals in Treatments endeavour to communicate aspects of the above; simultaneously divergent and synchronic realities in addition to expressing an often overlooked and negligent consideration of ‘Another’.

Kayrakise Evans

Kayrakise is a Nottingham based artist who experiments with different techniques materials and methods which aims to challenge the viewers thoughts on interesting but sometimes difficult topics such as mental health, surveillance, relationships, what is performance. Her new work examines the connection between butterflies and light.

Mark Lindsay

Mark has suffered from bipolar since the age of 21 and over the past two decades he has had many admissions to hospital. In 2010 he discovered photography was a useful tool both to provide a narrative of his daily life, but also as a tool for recovery. Over the past few years this has become part of his life.  He previously showed work in the central gallery as part of the Stigma exhibition in 2013.

I have two sets of the work. The first ‘Taken Back’ are images manipulated look older than there they were taken in the present time, whilst the second – Light transit – captures of the freedom and movement of light

David Nicholas

Most of my life I had hidden from it, and then I have been torn from my cover and dragged through the valley of death. I am akin to chaos, but from that has become a lot of sensitivity and productivity. The rock crematory on Mansfield road where I engage with my visions in August 2013 feels like a labyrinth at night even with the long days of that month.

Casual – a causal created in 2013

A tree ravaged by nature stating I have been here longer than you and will be here after you, and through this numb place I saw man made light. I took the angle cradling the child just before light dissipated and represents that, and the angle looking in awe has more seraphim fall.